Title Loans in Grand Prairie, Texas
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How To Get A Loan With Us

You may have always been told there's no such thing as easy money, but there actually is if you apply for our car title loans. We are Hearthstone Title Lenders and we make it possible to access loans that most other financial institutions have made difficult to access. What we offer are unique kinds of loans to Grand Prairie, TX residents that you can qualify for in several easy steps. Our loans are car title loans that nearly anyone who owns a car, truck, SUV or even a motorcycle can qualify for, and our title loans Grand Prairie, TX work for just about any expense that comes up.

When you do business with us, we won't treat you like most banks do their patrons. Maybe you've had some bad experiences with a bank before that you don't ever want to repeat. When you need a loan from the bank for even a short-term purpose, you're almost always served large amounts of paperwork that require you to round up lots of financial documents and explain how to plan to use the loan and how you'll pay it back. But when you come to Hearthstone Title Lenders, you won't have much paperwork at all and you won't have to wait days or weeks to get approved for a loan.

Our company understands time is of the essence when you need an emergency loan, and on top of that we don't want to take up your whole day when you come visit us. We've made it so that our application can be completed within minutes both in its online part and when you come to our store, and when you're approved for your title loan we even make sure you get your funds within 24 hours. There's just a few pieces of basic information you'll need to get started.

Apply For Our Grand Prairie Title Loans

The first thing you'll need to do when applying for our vehicle title loans Grand Prairie, TX is gather information about your vehicle. With our online title loan estimate portion, you'll enter the following details about your vehicle to find out how much your loan could be:

  • • Vehicle make
  • • Vehicle model
  • • Vehicle mileage
  • • Vehicle year

You'll usually be approved for a larger loan amount if you have a newer vehicle with less mileage and wear and tear on it. But once you complete your title loan loan estimate, we will contact you to setup a time to visit our store and finish the rest of the application. The reason you can't complete the whole application online is because we have to inspect your vehicle and verify your identity in person, but completing the online part first will make your visit to us go even quicker. While your vehicle is being inspected, you'll need to show us the following documents:

  • • Your driver's license, permanent resident ID, passport or another ID that has a photo of you, is issued by the government, and proves you are at least 18 years old and a legal Texas resident
  • • A document that has your monthly income listed on it or reflects that your income is the right amount for the loan you want
  • • Your title in your name and completely clear

You'll complete the verification part while we're inspecting your vehicle. We'll place a lien on your title, and you'll need to sign documents indicating you understand what your payment schedule is, what actions will be taken if you default on your payments and when we'll return your title. Once all this has been completed, you'll know if you're approved.

About Our Grand Prairie, TX Company

Our company, Hearthstone Title Lenders is available during the week to help you with your personal financing needs. Our store is located in the heart of Grand Prairie, TX and our staff are warm and friendly and will gladly assist you when you come to visit. While you'll be better served by completing the online part of our title loan application first, you don't need a pre-scheduled appointment to visit us. You can also call is if you have any questions before visiting.

The Way Our Grand Prairie Title Loans Work

Our vehicle title loans Grand Prairie, TX are easy to get approved for because your vehicle is the collateral that's used for them. But we only need the title to your vehicle to ensure the loan is secured, so that's why you need to make sure your title is clear before applying. To do this, you'll usually need to make sure any vehicle financing loans are all paid off, and you may need to visit the DMV to pay a fee to clear the title. What we do is take your vehicle's current sales value, your monthly income and give you a loan amount based on those factors. Usually our vehicle title loans Grand Prairie, TX are about 25-50% of the vehicle's value.

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